Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who said big gestures doesn't count? The small ones make them perfect!

Have you ever noticed that ever since you're on twitter if you're discussing something in real life and you've been talking about it on twitter, you'll start a sentence to non-twitter friend : This person I follow on twitter @___ . . ..

Over the past few months since I've joined I've 'met' interesting people and recruited 2. And very uncommonly all the names start with an @.

I remember my first few tweets was with @rudi_cronje and @LiamLynchPhoto. Rudi had a Kelloggs moment that morning and we had an interesting discussion. I still have no idea what Liam meant with ' Flakey - flakey ;) '. How little did I know that this was a few step away from becoming a twitter addict.

Now Tecla, others might just know her as @texxonfire. She's another story. I might have bothered her way to much. But we're getting along fine. . . She's a piece of work. Highly opinionated, she parties way more than I do and has an awesome blog. For people who hasn't met in real life we understand each other pretty good. Yes, Tecla, even when you laugh at your own tweet that makes absolutly no sense. She's in love with the song What Do Ya Want From Me - Adam Lambert, or is she rather in love with Lambert :P

There are people that I started following way to late. People like @elismaroets, @musicalmover, @alambchop & @TheFilmo.
She has a real bek on her, she doesn't own a #swearjar and she even called me a whore because I told her a tiny bit of #THEblog :P. @elismaroets is just one of those people that I should've followed earlier. She has a nicer side to her and people skills aren't lacking.
We understand each other on the level of chocolate, which will make an excellent currency in our world. @musicalmover and I also understand each other somehow on music. And she understand the slightly obsession for Jax Panik's music, plus I seriously have way to much to say to him. I also have a huge respect for her & her blog :).

Some of you might not understand that I am young (18, no joke). I think @alambchop was in shock :P, she's my #twittermom and a wise woman. Calling me an old soul. She's remarkable!
Our local and way rad, Rad man @TheFilmo makes me laugh. He balances out my twitter. Having much to say and having a rad t-shirt collection, there's not much to say, except maybe meeting him.

Twitter broke racial barriers @Mpum_mpum & @MvelaseP & all the rest are proof of this. @Mpum_mpum and I have more in common family wise. She is an intelligent who writes good fanfic - where is the rest? - She scaled down on her tweeting but I still get a laugh or some serious twitter talk. The same goes for @MvelaseP, but he hasn't scaled down he can tweet. And is part of insomniacs united and our AI group.

I have had my fair share of meeting weirdos but @spillly takes the freaken plate with the fork, serving thingy, a small slave & the cake. With a cherry on top but I still enjoy his tweets.

Oh @Hoerboer has been waiting for his small paragraph so here it is. He's one of the few that says hi makes me laugh. I'm sorry to say but the Stormers won't win :P. Tecla won't make me live down - aah they'll make a cute couple, thing -

Two ladies that amaze me is @lizetheunicorn and @wordsoflizdom. Both got me addicted to LookBook. I could work with @wordsoflizdom's craziness and with @lizetheunicorns perfectionism.

I might have skipped a few people. But hey blogs can't really tell what's going on. I just hope you guys didn't get excited about absolutely nothing. But enjoy :)


  1. What an awesome blogpost! You can add me with alambchop, I was also way shocked to find out you were so young.

    Yep, lotsa crazies on Twitter, but more importantly, a lot more lovelies. I mean where would I be without insomniacs united & the AI crew?

  2. ag, you're my whore.

    nice woman, very nice.

  3. eff yes!

    i, myself, have met a number of people of twitter & i can say they've all been super rad.
    you ought to do the same.
    thank you for the awesome mention!