Monday, May 10, 2010

lil' obsessions

This is the last attempt of a few attempts to write this. All because I feel too stupid after I wrote it.

I have a little obsession with music videos. Yes, music videos. I watch them not only because I love them, also because they visually usually yummy. Then you get those ugly, please-I-don’t-want-to-watch videos, you torture yourself by keep on watching them even though you know that you shouldn’t. My prime example is Die Antwoord, I know I shouldn’t because I seriously don’t like them, something outrageous has to happen before I even will consider liking them (team Jack all the way!!).

Another music video, which I can’t stand watching, is the Countdown to the Red Carpet. My eyes hurt, I do get a headache and nauseas.

Now all those delicious videos out there, with the right music (bad music just makes it ok with mute on :P), I will be jumping up and down smiling from ear to ear. Like OK GO’s - This too shall pass. I love the vibe of both the song and the video. I think I drove friends mad with Ashtray Electric’s - When Sex becomes a Sport, mK used to feed my addiction in December, so while I was house-sitting with a friend early mornings at around one they used to play the song and quite a few times more. Great music videos have come out of SA over the last few years.

My 2c worth about the Jack Parow video. I expected a tad bit more. It was good, I like the tune, and it really wants to get you dancing. Only best part was those cats, “Jack Parow hang met giftige katte”, and viola there’s the cats.

I am a bit obsessed, not stalker worthy though, with music. Seeing that this post was all about me. The last paragraph will go to no one nor anything. Enjoy the rest of Monday.

Remember the heart and brain is separated by the mouth.

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