Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We all have our social lifes, personal one as well but inside we have our private life.

There are some people in the world that's to outspoken. For me, it depends on the subject. When it comes to music and I know what I'm talking about I will fight to the death, that includes: books, comics, a tv series, cricket and a bit of rugby. Food might get in there as well, but politics? I'm not a fence-sitter but I'll think twice, maybe visib before I get involved. - I wanted to comment on the Le Crush 'it', but I think @rudi_cronje has enough opinions.

Thank goodness that is out of the way.

Now. I had a friend called Smiley, Smiley was the sort of guy that made you smile, but one thing was he got me hooked onto rad music. Through him I got to listen to bands like - Less Than Jake, The Used, AFI etc. But there's one that really stood out, Taking Back Sunday. It's been a while since I've listened, but this whole morning they were the band on repeat! Some of you might've heard the song Error:Operator on the movie Fantastic 4. Now I'm going to be a bit like Smiley and just give you a push, just go listen to a track and you judge for yourself. Now why can't we all just introduce a new band to a friend, show them what the world has to deliver!

As you all can see I'm a newbi blogger. I'll probably suck at this for the next 15 posts :P. So, the last paragraph or so will be about me and when I tire of me (which will be soon, it'll be about someone else, with permission of course!) [@Mpum_mpum you're next seeing that you write fanfic! :P]

None of you know that I love rain. As a kid I used to ask when it's going to rain again. It was one of those weeks where it didn't stop raining in Centurion for quite a while, I found peace in the rain, just by looking out of the window. I still do. I'm more productive, feel better and actually feel 'whole'. I don't get gloomy or depressed on days as such. I embrace it. Now I wish I could do it on 'normal' days as well.

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