Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Those thoughts will come alive. . .

It's early. I usually don't complain about it being early. But it's quiet. The quiet that bites you inside. The quiet that scares you. Now there's background music, my laptop blaring out a playlist on shuffle.

Silence has its place. But with the silence comes the thinking. You may not have noticed that if you are really concentrating on reading this everything was silent, especially if you were listening to music. Are you suprised that you're on a new song already?
The brain is a wonderful thing! You don't read letter by letter you read the word whole. Suprised? Well how else could you understand tihs but what about taht or why words like; euaql, smoetnig? Each word takes 150 nanoseconds to be identified and voilá you are reading.

Silence is a thing I nor love nor hate. It's just there. It frightens me, but it can be a good thing. Maybe I need to take a break and take in the silence.

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